Mushaf Al-Baseerah

Quran Braille Indexing system for Blind

Mushaf Al-Baseerah

One of the most important modern company projects and the first and unique of its kind in the world. We offer it to serve and help the blinds all over the world, which are about 75 million persons, and especially all over the Arab world, which are about 10 million.

Civilized nations concerned with the rights of the special needs people especially those who lost their eyes and have become as blinds. The persons who care with this kind of people confirms that these blind persons have abilities and capabilities may the sighted people do not have.

The wise nations are those which try to benefit from this segment of population. The world needs in the first place to admit its failure to find the suitable mechanisms to accommodate about 75 million blind person around the world, most of them in the developing countries where these suitable tools that help to break the disability and overcome it are difficult to be provided.

Al-Tasneem Group has taken the responsibility to develop the means of communication and to eradicate every obstacle that prevent the blind persons to access knowledge. It also confirms that "Braille" language in reading was not the final destiny in this area, and it is just an important episode that paved the way to different smart communication tools and means. Al-Tasneem Group is working on these means and tools and trying to be a pioneer in this field on the level of quality and price. So; the "electronic Baseerah Mus'haf" is considered as a fruit of this long time active work between search and development to make the Book of Allah in the hands of this important category in our Islamic world.

After that we reached the stage of developing the speaking electronic pen technology and its use im many applications as a response to meet the growing desires in adding the vocal dimension that deliver this thing in the hands of all ages, in addition to the correct spelling of what the shows whatever in Arabic or any other foreign language. The audio output of the Quran was the main fruit of this ongoing effort, where you can obtain this product with different sounds of famous sheikhs, in addition to several language translation and more advantages.

Perhaps this success has come an incentive for the idea of developing and adapting this technology to suit the needs of the blind person, and to fill part of the huge gap between the numbers of blind persons and what is being printed from the Quran in a "Braille" language. Now; this electronic product of Mus'haf can reach to a huge number of the bind persons. We have managed to implement this technology on the most important language of the blinds, i.e. "Braille" language. The start was related to the Holy Quran. By this technology the person can choose what he wants to listen from chapter or verse (as reading, explanation, translation and etc.) through the Mus'haf written in "Braille" language and using the speaking electronic pen technology to listen in an easy way. The blind person does not need more than 5 minutes to understand the way and implement. Not only the Holy Quran we provide in this project, but we add much more things that please the blind persons.

Products Description

  • The speaking Braille pen that a memory of 4 GB, full of a collection of full reading of the Holy Quran according to the reading of Hafs Ain Asim reading and voice guidance files for the blinds.
  • Audio explanation.
  • A voice translation of word meanings for more than 7 languages (by choice).
  • The Holy Quran index in the speaking "Braille" language.
  • A bookmark in the speaking "Braille" language contains the choice of search.
  • User's Guide in the speaking "Braille" language.
  • An explain to the sighted user.

Even if the blind person is unknown with the "Braille" language he just need one hour before using the product to know the way of use by the attached guide.

Al-Tasneem Group is pleased to be a leader on the global level in this way it has insisted to go through in order to achieve and innovate in this field. Our company aims at to deliver its products to at least a million blind persons in the world during the next few years.


Al-Tasneem keeps up with teaching methods and modern technology, we would never accept to be imitators, but always invent and produce. We put our hand in your hand to build human and assist him by needs for the future to serve himself and his country. Our programs help to build the mind, body and spirit.



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