Pakej Al Muqaddam

Muqaddam CD-ROM

Learn Muqaddam (Juz Amma with the Rules of Tajweed) CD-ROM Multimedia. Al-Tasneem created specifically to help students achieve Al-Quran reading skills of high level more easily and quickly.

Among its advantages are:

  • Letters of reference to guide the Al-Quran. Introduction and explanation of the legal system Colors interactive recitation.
  • Translation and interpretation in three languages: Malay, English and Arabic
  • Ease of memorizing.
  • Readings by famous ricitor, Sheikh Abdul Basit Abdul Samad, and Sheikh Saad Al-Ghamidy
  • DVD-Video Adik Ahmad Saud

    DVD-Video reading Al-Quran (muratal) by Qari Ahmad Saud from Bahrain.

  • Vol.1 From Surah An-Naba to Surah Al-Inshiqaq
  • Vol.2 From Surah Al-Buruj to Surah An-Nass
  • Juzuk Amma Book with Uthmani Script

    Juzuk Amma (surah 36, Uthmani Script),containing nine colors rules of recitation. The book can help readers understand the Al-Quran and rules of Tajweed with highlighted colors.

    Al-Muqaddam Book

    The Book Al-Muqaddam (Uthmani Script) helps children recognize letters, letter sounds and pronunciation of the letter of the Quran and colors Tajweed rules.
    The method introduced in this book Al-Muqaddam facilitate the learning of reading Al-Quran and is intended as a reference text for teachers to teach the Quran.

    Products Description

    • Al-Muqaddam software (PC-ROM)
    • DVD-Video Adik Ahmad Saud (VOL-1)
    • DVD-Video Adik Ahmad Saud (VOL-2)
    • Juz Amma Book (With Colour Coded Tajweed)
    • Al-Muqaddam Book

    • Effective Learning Tool
    • Tajweed Rule Learning Tools
    • References and effective training
    • Easy to understand and learn


    Al-Tasneem keeps up with teaching methods and modern technology, we would never accept to be imitators, but always invent and produce. We put our hand in your hand to build human and assist him by needs for the future to serve himself and his country. Our programs help to build the mind, body and spirit.



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